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Choosing Glass

September 5th, 2019, 12:00 AM

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Choosing glass

Bring beautiful design, protection and energy efficiency home with a wide selection of standard and optional glass choices. Please note that glass choices and availability vary by product.


Add a distinctive touch to windows and doors with optional textured, tinted and decorative glass.

Textured glass, available in an array of attractive textures, patterns and colors, lets light in while maintaining privacy. Obscure glass is also available with Low-E (learn more below) for greater privacy and energy savings.

Tinted glass, which reduces glare and visible light transmittance, is ideal for climates with intense sunlight and warm weather. which reduces glare and visible light transmittance, is ideal for climates with intense sunlight and warm weather.

Decorative glass is a great way to add visual interest, character and personalization to a window or door, with a range of available designs that fit any home's architectural style



Innovations in window and door glass help provide improved protection against storms, fire, noise, intruders, and wear and tear. It can even make windows and doors easier to clean.

ImpactGard® protection is engineered and tested to stand up to the strong impacts of windborne debris and harsh coastal conditions. With the industry's leading laminate glass technology, windows and patio doors with ImpactGard protection can withstand a nine-pound piece of lumber striking the glass head-on at approximately 34 miles per hour. In addition, it significantly reduces sound transmission, blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays and offers superior forced-entry resistance.

Preserve® film, which is standard on our window and patio door glass, if factory-applied to both the interior and exterior surfaces, protecting glass from debris and scratches that can occur during shipping and handling or at a construction site. (Preserve film is not available with impact-resistant glass or single-pane units.)

Tempered glass, optional in all glass types, provides extra strength to help prevent glass from breaking into sharp pieces when met with force or pressure. Local building codes often require tempered glass to be used in all windows that are close to the floor or near doors, bathtubs or showers.

Neat® glass harnesses the sun's UV rays, even when the sky is cloudy, to loosen dirt and grime from the glass so it can be rinsed away by rainwater. With no manual activation required, Neat glass makes cleaning easier and more convenient.

Energy efficiency

Standard and optional glass choices deliver energy-efficient natural light through windows and doors in every climate while protecting furniture from the sun's strong rays.

Lo˳-366® insulating glass lowers energy costs by helping homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Low-E glass provides protection against heat gain by blocking harmful infrared rays and provides greater energy savings.

Low-E EC glass is ideal for homes at altitudes above 4,000 feet and requiring more energy efficiency than Low-E glass. This glass features a second coating of Low-E on the interior side, which provides dual protection to help retain even more heat inside the home.

All three glass options are available with argon gas, which helps reduce conduction and consequent energy loss, or high-altitude* glass. This option prevents glass panes from bowing in higher elevations. It includes breather tubes (placed between the panes of insulating glass) to equalize the airspace pressure with the atmosphere.

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I am so pleased with my windows, your installers and staff. I would indeed recommend your company to anyone and everyone. They were quick, efficient and very polite.

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Your guys did a great job. The temperature in the house is up by 3 degrees and the heat pump is running half as much.

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The whole process from initial meeting to installation was painless and quite surprisingly, a lot less expensive than we thought it would be... Thanks again for taking such good care of us. If anyone I know is looking for new windows, I will certainly recommend your company.

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