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Why a Custom Front Door Enhances Your Home

December 20th, 2022, 12:12 PM

Custom entryway doors are a great way to improve the security and curb appeal of your home and make your front entryway truly one of a kind.

Custom front doors might seem like an option only available for grand, luxurious homes, but they are an accessible choice for renovating homes of any size. The wide range of customization options allow you to create a door that suits almost any budget.

When it comes to custom-made steel and fiberglass entryway doors, Hodges has the perfect solutions for your home.

The Exact Size (And Style) for Your Home

If you need a new front door and have a standard-sized home entryway, buying a pre-made door that's ready to install out of the box is an option, but many homes have non-standard front entrances that require custom front doors.

This is especially true for homes not built in the last 20 years. Older door styles had lower sills that made the overall unit slightly smaller than new door units. This mandates custom height for doors on older homes.  

In fact, many "standard" entryways have measurements that are slightly off, either due to construction issues or the door settling and warping over time. This can lead to installation issues with out-of-the-box doors, especially in older homes.

Construction styles and techniques have changed as well. The new doors have a taller sill that makes them more energy efficient but that makes the overall unit height taller.  

If this is the case for your front doorway, a custom door can be built to your exact specifications and fit your entryway perfectly. 

With a custom front door, you don't have to worry about installation at all, as it will be fabricated to your entryway's current, exact measurements.

Not only that, but choosing a custom door for your home's front entrance also gives you tons of flexibility regarding the materials used, the locks and hardware included, and the overall architectural and functional design.

For example, you might choose to customize your front door with some of the following stylistic choices:

  • Windows/decorative glass
  • Energy-efficient materials
  • Wood grain or smooth finishes
  • Complementary stain/paint colors
  • Pet doors
  • Kick plates

Whether your home is an older, more traditional Craftsman-style home or a sleek work of modern architecture, these extensive customization options help ensure that your new front door will perfectly fit your home's design!

Upgrade Your Entryway with ProVia Doors

Custom front doors are built better than standard-sized, ready-to-use doors from big box stores. This means they're more secure, energy efficient, and durable than non-custom doors.

For the best custom steel and fiberglass doors, look no further than ProVia, the expert maker of these modern entryway doors.

Steel and fiberglass doors are the most cost-effective, secure, and energy-efficient types of doors you can find on the market and are much more durable and low-maintenance than traditional wooden entryway doors. 

You might think that doors made from steel and fiberglass would be limited in their design options, but they are available with numerous finishes, including natural-looking wood grain textures.

Custom steel and fiberglass doors from ProVia can imitate many types of natural wood grains, including cherry, mahogany, oak, knotty alder, fir, and more. Or, you can choose a smooth wood grain finish that can be painted or stained.

Of course, custom front doors are also available with the smooth, modern finishes of the steel or fiberglass used to construct them, which can be left as is or painted to your specifications.

Pros and Cons of the Different Types of Front Doors

Between steel and fiberglass doors, fiberglass doors offer more stylistic options to choose from and tend to mimic the look of wood better. Fiberglass is also the more energy efficient of the two materials.

However, steel doors are also highly customizable, energy efficient, and tend to last even longer than fiberglass ones. 

Additionally, custom steel doors are more budget-friendly than custom fiberglass doors.

Summary of the pros and cons of choosing fiberglass vs steel exterior doors:

  • Fiberglass offers more design options
  • Fiberglass can more closely imitate the appearance of wood
  • Fiberglass is more energy efficient (but most ProVia doors are ENERGY STAR certified)
  • Steel is longer lasting
  • Steel is more robust and secure
  • Steel is the more affordable option

Complementing Colors

ProVia doors are available with complementary colors and finishes for inside and outside your home. 

Since every door is built from scratch, you can choose different panel styles, skin types, and paint or stain colors for the inside and the outside of your new entryway door.

For example, if you want a black door on the outside and red on the inside, it's possible! 

Or, if you want a painted wood finish on the outside and a natural wood grain finish on the inside to match the interior of your home, that's also doable!

ProVia offers a wide range of paint and stain colors for all of their custom-made front doors, so there are plenty to choose from. 

But, if you don't see a color you like from their broad palette of existing options, ProVia can create custom colors to match any existing Sherwin-Williams paint color or particular stain color you had in mind.

Customize Your Look with Hodges

A custom front entryway door is a worthwhile investment to improve your front entrance's appearance and performance.

When you're ready to invest in a new front door for your home, make it entirely yours with a custom entryway door that complements its design down to the last detail.

Hodges Windows & Doors, a ProVia Platinum Plus Dealer, offers ProVia doors that can be built to meet all your goals and fit within your budget.

Almost all custom ProVia doors are ENERGY STAR certified, regardless of the material you choose, and are available in custom door sizes to 1/8th of an inch for both their width and height.

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